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  • Hazel Hawkes

To Use Online Training or Not to Use Online Training, That Is The Question.

Online training has really come to the fore over the last two years and without it, many companies would have been unable to bring people into their businesses or develop their staff into new ways of working.

With life returning to normal, is it still the solution to all our training needs?

For me, it depends upon what we needs to be achieved by completing the training, if it's a short or long term benefit. For example, it's great for:

  • delivering training on a large scale at a time to suit the company/learner

  • cost-effectiveness

  • consistency

  • accessibility

  • updating/ongoing training

  • those who don't feel comfortable in a classroom

  • those who benefit from going over information more than once.

However, it's effectiveness is not guaranteed and it is important to consider individual learning styles when using online training. Issues can be:

  • learners don't like/don't feel comfortable using computers

  • learners do not engage with the content

  • learners just 'flick through' until it completes

  • learners can't remember what they have learned

  • those with literacy needs can feel excluded

As employers, we need to consider what is the 'best fit' for our staff and in some cases, face to face training may be a better and more effective option. This is especially true with more safety critical subjects such as health and safety or first aid, where learner engagement can be measured and questions answered.

There is no one solution to the question but the most important thing is to ensure that whatever training you choose is suitable, relevant and effective for what you want your staff to know.

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