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Disciplinary Skills



£140 (+VAT)



1 day.


Who is it for?:


This course is intended for any manager or supervisor tasked with carrying out the disciplinary procedure.

Course Content Includes:

  • Disciplinary procedure - why we have it.

  • Ensuring performance management plans have been implemented prior to disciplinary.

  • Factors to consider when contemplating implementing the disciplinary procedure.

  • Overview of employment law as it affects disciplinary situations, and its interpretation in the workplace.

  • Consequences of a badly handled disciplinary process.

  • Competitive quiz to highlight principles of employment law and disciplinary interview procedure.

  • A brief overview of the new doctor’s ‘fit note’ introduced in 2010.

  • Line manager’s role and responsibilities in disciplinary processes.

  • Preparing and carrying out a disciplinary interview and the follow up action required.

  • Importance of ‘audit trail’ documentation in the disciplinary process.

  •  Employment Tribunal case studies on the implications of performance management decisions made by management.

  • Handling a range of challenging employees at disciplinary interview.

  • Delivering the disciplinary interview, with feedback from colleagues.


The course fully complies with the A.C.A.S. Code of Practice April 2009.


Courses can be delivered at our Nuneaton training venue or at your own premises*.

* Customers must be able to provide suitable classroom and workspace facilities for the number of delegates booked. 

Upcoming Dates:

  • Dates on Request

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