HABC Level 3 Health & Safety for Supervisors

Course Details: 

This is a three day training programme with some pre-course reading and aimed at managers and supervisors.

This accredited qualification provides progression from the Level 2 Award and is intended principally for those who work in a supervisory or managerial role. Individuals gaining this qualification will gain a wide range of knowledge of health and safety law, the hazards present in a workplace and how to implement effective and necessary controls. Learners will also be equipped with the skills necessary for the effective supervision of staff. It also focuses on the importance of the health and safety culture of a business, which is an invaluable resource for those taking the qualification.

This qualification is applicable to any private or public sector working environment. Individuals working towards this qualification will learn that supervisors and managers have legal and moral obligations to ensure health and safety within a business and that these include obligations to employees, contractors, suppliers and members of the public. They will also be able to take responsibility for ensuring the competency of the workforce and for identifying hazards, implementing controls and taking appropriate corrective action when necessary. By employing an individual with this qualification, businesses can demonstrate their legal requirement to engage a 'competent person' by having staff trained to this level.

This Ofqual approved qualification has been developed specifically for insertion into the Qualifications and Credit Framework with full support from Proskills. It is therefore fully relevant to industry and regulatory standards as well as being recognised by the Health and Safety Executive, independent auditors and enforcement officers.

Course content/outcomes.

Understand the requirements for health, safety and welfare in the workplace.

Understand the benefits of using a safety management system.

Understand the principles of risk assessment.

Understand the risks and control methods for common workplace hazards.


This qualification is assessed through a 60 question multiple-choice question examination. The duration of the examination is 2 hours.


Successful learners must achieve a score of at least 40 out of 60. Learners will receive a merit at 50/60.