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Assessor & Quality Assurance (IMIAL Level 3)


 £795 (+VAT)


 1 day of training followed by a 1 day onsite assessment.

Who is it for?:

These qualifications would be beneficial for someone who is working in or who is learning to work in assessment of quality assurance roles. These qualifications are valid for assessing company devised assessments, as well as national standards and qualifications.


You need to have a qualification or experience in the subject you wish to assess. You will also need to have access to at least two candidates who you will then assess in order to achieve the practical element of the award.

Course Content Includes:

  • The roles and responsibilities of an assessor,

  • How to prepare and conduct assessments,

  • Accrediting prior learning,

  • Completing and storing assessment paperwork

  • The importance of the quality assurance process.


Assessment is completed via observation, a portfolio of evidence and an online test.



IMIAL Level 3 Award in Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment (QCF).

IMIAL Level 3 Award in Assessing Vocationally Related Achievement (QCF).

Upcoming Dates:

  • 11th March 2024

  • 10th April 2024

  • 10th June 2024

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