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How To Deal With A Stab Wound

The most likely cause of a stab wound is a knife but a stab wound can be caused by any sharp-pointed object. Damage from stab wounds is usually deep rather than wide causing not just external damage but, more importantly, internal injuries. Internal injuries caused by a stab wound usually follow the path the weapon took internally. The abdomen is the most common site where many internal organs are found.


A stab wound requires immediate treatment to stem the bleeding and stabilise the victim until they can be examined by a medical professional. It is important to act quickly and calmly in order to provide the first aid needed to control the bleeding and save the victim's life. Here are three simple steps to help someone who has been stabbed:

1. Put pressure on the wound.

2. Call the emergency services 999 / 112

3. Keep pressure on the wound until the emergency services arrive


The pressure applied to the casualty's wound is the key to their survival. Pressure can be achieved by placing one hand on top of the other and pushing onto the wound as hard as possible. Lie the casualty down so you can transfer as much force as possible over the wound. To keep further pressure on the wound, improvise by tying scarfs or even t-shirts around the wound to sustain pressure and slow bleeding.

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