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Fire Extinguishers

Controlling fires

Sprinkler systems can be used to control fires in their early stages, as can fire blankets and fire extinguishers. Extinguishers must only be used by trained staff who understand that they are not to put themselves or others at any risk.

  • Water (Red Band) - Type of fire: Wood, paper and fabrics.

  • Foam (Cream Band) - Type of fire: General and flammable liquids.

  • Powder (Blue Band) - Type of fire: General and plastics.

  • CO2 (Black Band) - Type of fire: Electrical.

  • Wet Chemical (Yellow Band) - Type of fire: Cooking oil and fat fires.

  • Fire Blanket - Type of fire: Oil, fats. Use: Smothering flames (starvation of oxygen).

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