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Essential Team Leader Skills for Management Success

For some, progression to management is a super quick process whereas, for others, it takes years of hard work. Wherever you are in your management career, there’s always room to learn and improve. Whether you’re an established manager or still trying to make your way to the top, there are essential team leader skills that will boost your chances of management success. Do you possess them?

The importance of team leader skills

They say that some are born to lead. While there’s no evidence to prove or disprove this theory, GOOD leaders are not created overnight. Strong, effective managers have a multitude of lessons they have learned and techniques they have improved under their belt.

Effective and exemplary leaders can have a huge impact on their teams and a business as a whole. It doesn’t matter if you have two members of staff to manage or two hundred; your leadership will directly affect their productivity, efficiency and overall working life. You have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. So, it’s essential to hone your team leader skills to ensure that your performance, and therefore that of your team, is at its very best.

Even if you know what you’re doing…

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” – John F. Kennedy

There are times when many of us are guilty of adopting an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” attitude, when it comes to work. However, sticking to the same old tricks could actually be holding you back professionally. Especially when it comes to managing others; every member of a team is different, so you must learn to adapt your management style.

You may have been a manager for 20 years, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t scope to develop your effectiveness as a leader. Developing your team leader skills regularly throughout your career is key to being a successful and respected manager. The very best leaders take every single opportunity to learn by attending training sessions, seeking feedback and implementing new methods. Remember, every mistake you make is a lesson learned!

What makes a good team leader?

A strong and effective manager brings results by motivating, coaching and inspiring their team and colleagues. As a team leader, it is your responsibility to help your team members achieve a goal. Smashing sales targets, record numbers of calls taken, the completion of a project – whatever the aim, it’s a leader’s job to facilitate this.

This means that a good team leader uses a combination of their skills, knowledge and their own personal management style to get the most out of every employee that they are responsible for.

THE team leader skills and attributes you need

Every manager has their own personality and therefore no two are the same. Over time, team leaders develop their unique style of management, tailored to the company and their employees. However, there are numerous team leader skills and attributes that will help any manager reach their full potential. Take a look at the list below.

  • Strong communication

  • The ability to delegate

  • Effective planning

  • Strategic thinking

  • Target setting

  • Getting to know team – let your personality and humour show!

  • Approachable

  • Long term visions and plans

  • Recognise and reward individual/team achievements

  • Honesty

  • Fairness

  • Positivity

  • Creative thinking

  • Confidence

  • Passion

  • Commitment/dedication

  • Respectful

  • Influencing skills

  • Performance management

  • Change implementation

  • Ability to motivate and inspire others

  • Prioritisation

  • Staying focused on a goal/keeping team focused

  • Decision making

  • Good listener

These are just SOME of the team leader skills that great managers display on a day-to-day basis. The list goes on! It’s safe to say that being a manager requires a huge range of skills, traits and values. The very best manager makes it their mission to demonstrate as many of these as possible in order to lead by example.

Be the best

Don’t rest on your laurels! By constantly communicating with your peers and team, reviewing your performance and developing your team leader skills, you will get closer to perfecting your managerial techniques.

If you bring together the skills listed above and make the conscious decision to strive to improve, you will certainly see the results from yourself and your team! Go and show them how it’s done!

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