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  • Hazel Hawkes

Do You Know How to Spot a Heart Attack?

The symptoms for a heart attack are different for men and women so here is what to look out for:

A lot of women have missed some of the less well-known symptoms and have passed it off as something less dangerous such as the flu or even stress or anxiety. This is why it is important to know ALL the different signs of a heart attack.

What to do if you are having a heart attack:

  • Call the emergency services

  • Take or chew an aspirin

  • DO NOT try to drive to a hospital

  • Try to stay calm and take deep breaths

What to do if someone else is having a heart attack:

  • Call the emergency services

  • Help them to sit down, preferably on the floor leaning against a wall if possible so they cannot fall further if they collapse

  • If they have heart medication, eg a spray, they should take it - you may need to help them

  • Keep them as calm as possible

  • Put them in the recovery position if they become unresponsive

  • Start CPR if they become unresponsive and stop breathing

  • Use an AED if you have one

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