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Coronavirus Update

We want to insure our customers that we are monitoring the government advice, with regards to Coronavirus, daily and will be following this advice and updating our customers, when required.

If anyone has attended a course with First Safety Training Services (FSTS), needs to self-isolate, please let FSTS know as soon as possible.

If a member of FSTS team needs to self-isolate, we will inform all potentially affected individuals or organisations as soon as possible.

Currently there is no recommendation to close down businesses, or stop any business activities, for this reason we are not planning to cancel any of our courses based on this current advice.

General Hygiene

We are following the government’s advice for general hygiene on courses and will be asking our trainers to remind attendees of these.

This advice can be found on the following site:

First Aid Courses

Hygiene requirements for First Aid Training have not changed from what we currently do.

Each learner will be given their own face mask for mouth-to-mouth resuscitation CPR Manikins will be wiped down between each CPR attempt Manikins will be thoroughly cleaned after every course Manikin lungs will be changed between each course

In line with UK Resuscitation Guidelines, FSTS will continue to teach full CPR with full mouth-to-mouth resuscitation for the following courses due to the assessment requirements:

First Aid at Work Courses First Aid at Work Re-Qualification Courses Emergency First Aid at Work Courses Paediatric First Aid Courses

All other first aid courses, for the time being, will be taught compression's only CPR, which is better than no CPR at all.

We hope you find this information helpful, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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