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Acid and Chemical Burns

After calling 999, to help prevent severe injuries from a chemical burn try to carefully remove the chemical and any contaminated clothing rinse the affected area using as much clean water as possible.

Try to remove the chemical and contaminated clothing from contact with the skin and eyes, but be very careful not to touch or spread the chemical as this could lead to further injuries to the victim or the person helping them. Try to cover hands with protective materials to prevent the chemical spreading onto you and then, if possible, carefully cut away any of their clothing around the affected area, such as t-shirts. This will help prevent contamination to other areas of their body rather than pulling clothing items over the head which could potentially spread the chemical to the face and eyes.

Rinse the affected area continuously with clean water as soon as possible to remove any residual chemical. Try to make sure the water can run off of the affected area without pooling on the skin and potentially spreading the chemical to a wider area and only use water – do not rub or wipe the area.

Stay on the phone until the ambulance arrives and follow any other advice given by the 999 call handler to avoid further injury.

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