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Our Training Courses

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This course is designed to provide an introduction to teaching for individuals who would like to work or currently work within FE Colleges, Independent Training Providers and/or Local Authorities.

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These qualifications are for staff that are working in, or looking to gain entry to, roles in assessment and quality assurance.

Health & Safety

This Qualification is for those who work in a supervisory or managerial role. Individuals gaining this qualification will gain a wide range of knowledge of health and safety law, the hazards present in a workplace and how to implement effective and necessary controls.

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This course is suitable for those involved with any moving and handling operations particularly those starting work, returning to work or who need specific manual handling training or refresher training.

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The level 2 Award in Fire Safety is a qualification aimed at anyone involved in the management of fire safety in any workplace.  This includes managers, supervisors, team leaders, fire wardens (marshals) and staff working in any area where there is potential risk of fire.

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This awareness course is suitable for any person involved in Working at Height and is aimed at providing the learner with a working knowledge of how to remain safe in exposed areas.

First Aid

This 1 day course is suitable for smaller, low risk organisations who feel that the syllabus listed below meets the type of injuries common in your workplace and industry. The Emergency First Aid at Work Course covers the syllabus as laid down by the HSE.

First Aid

The qualification is aimed at learners already working or preparing to work in industry that is identified within the company's risk assessment of First Aid.  The qualification has a recommended course duration of 3 days.

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The qualification is aimed at learners already working or preparing to work in industry that is identified within the company's risk assessment of First Aid.  The qualification has a recommended course duration of 2 days.

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This course is for anyone who wants to develop more productive working relationships with colleagues and clients.

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This course is intended for any manager or supervisor tasked with carrying out the disciplinary procedure. It builds confidence and de-mystifies the process into easy-to-follow steps.

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This course succinctly defines performance management, and explores methods to unblock performance issues in your staff.  It develops the essential skills of task setting and giving feedback using easy to follow applied methods.

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The appraisal skills course will equip you with all the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct the appraisal in a professional manner, maximising the opportunity as a positive experience for both you and your employees.

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The objective of this course is to raise the awareness of customer service on the telephone and to assist your employees in providing phone service excellence via good telephone technique.

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The objective of this course is to improve the communication skills within the business environment.

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During this course we will not only uncover the core skills associated with developing and implementing an effective structured recruitment interview but also provide an encompassing selection process right from when the resignation letter is received.

Health & Safety(17).png

This interactive course is specifically designed to build confidence by providing participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively plan and deliver professional presentations.

Health & Safety(18).png

One of the first steps in this time management workshop is to help delegates understand that time management is not impossible.

Health & Safety(23).png

This course helps customer service providers understand the importance of their role and develop essential skills required to deliver superior performance.

Health & Safety(20).png

This training course will combine training in a range of communication and managerial models with opportunities to practice these models in a safe training environment.

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By undertaking effective team leadership training you will be in the best possible shape to manage and lead your team and your organisation. Having a strong team leader skills means your team will be led and directed to be the best workers possible.

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